Years of experience in the front row in the fight against crime and terrorism condensed into a book written by those who understand these issues, and how. The authors of " Investigare – Practical manual of survey techniques " are in fact Antonio Manganelli, head of the Police and Franco Gabrielli , director of the SISDE (Service for Information and Democratic Security).

Both have an operational experience such that this volume is, in its own right, a fundamental reference text for those who need to deepen this subject, for work or for study. In fact the authors, together with the publishing house that gave it to the press – the Cedam – subtitled it "Practical manual of the techniques of investigation". It is a volume full of advice and guidelines for the professionals of the investigation, but it is not only for them: it is readily available because behind the exquisitely technical aspects there is still a human experience. It is therefore aimed at those who are simple enthusiasts or those who are intrigued by the techniques of investigation.

The investigator as a chess player
For the authors the investigator is a chess player: "the investigator can make as many 'moves' as his imagination, professional ability and experience suggest him". And "just like in a chess game, of fundamental importance will be revealed to the investigator the choice of the times for each move". Manganelli and Gabrielli in the book also dwell on the analysis of news, on the importance of archives, on "open" and on confidential information sources, on information and counter-information, on blogs and the Internet.

But the volume does not omit the investigation of the main criminal activities: kidnapping, murder, extortion, usury, robbery, theft, fraud, trafficking and drug dealing, recycling, sexual violence, computer crimes. Some sections are dedicated to investigations abroad, investigations on terrorism, organized crime – with insights on Cosa Nostra, Camorra, 'Ndrangheta and Sacra Corona Unite – and on foreign criminal organizations.

The testimonies
Among the testimonies that "Investigare" houses, those of the former head of the Police Giovanni De Gennaro, of the national anti-mafia prosecutor Pietro Grasso, of Louis Freeh, former director of the FBI, of Carla del Ponte, chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court of the United Nations.