What to do when you suspect a betrayal by your spouse or partner? For those who decide to dispel any doubt, and check if their partner actually has another relationship, the best choice is to rely on an investigation agency. But how to investigate a betrayal? What procedures are implemented by the investigators?

First of all when it is feared to be betrayed it is essential not to improvise investigators and try to carry out investigations on their own. To conduct an investigation you need to know the procedures allowed by law and use appropriate investigative technologies.

At the same time, a professional investigator is not emotionally involved and therefore can carry out the investigations methodically and achieving certain results. In fact, it should be noted that only those who have obtained a regular Prefettura License , issued only against proven moral and professional requirements, can perform the activity of private investigator .

Private betrayal investigations: how to use the items collected at the registered office
By contacting an investigating agency, it is not only possible to find out the truth about the possible betrayals of the partner, but also to obtain evidence of any treason that has legal validity and can be presented in court.

It often happens that a spouse, once discovered the betrayals of the husband or wife, decides to request the judicial separation with charge of guilt . In this case, the private investigator is the only valid and effective channel for the collection of information that can be used in a registered office.

Investigations for treason and other conduct that can cause separation
But how to investigate a betrayal through an investigating agency? What elements to look for? Normally private investigators go in search of truth elements that can prove the existence of an extramarital affair to the detriment of their client.

However, betrayal is not the only area for which an investigation agency can be used. In fact, it is possible to request the assistance of a professional to show that one's spouse has conduct of other kinds , but which are in any case contrary to a normal married life and which can destabilize married life, representing a cause of marital separation.

For those who wish to contact an investigative agency, we remind you that it is essential to rely on qualified professionals, because only in this way will it be possible to obtain valid evidence from a legal point of view .

The professional investigators, in fact, assure the client that the investigations are carried out in full compliance with the regulations in force and at the end of the survey give the client a final report complete with photos and legally valid.